Friday, October 29, 2010

One Month Young

On Wednesday, my sweet Rowynn Faith, you turned a whole one month young. I can't believe it has already been a month since you joined our family. Baby girl, you have just made your place in our home and hearts so well, it just seems like you've always been here. It's hard to imagine life before you. You are so calm, so content... just so chill. You love looking around at everything, taking in this big ol' world. You LOVE, I mean LOVE, to be rocked by your daddy. Most times, when you're fussy and you aren't hungry or wet, you will only calm down once you are snugly in your daddy's arms. You also love it when I sing to you...or at least I think you do, you get real still and smile. I remember singing to you as soon as you were born. I was tired, hurting, and disoriented, but I remember singing to you baby girl. The nurses probably thought I was crazy! Rowynn, you are such a good little sleeper, giving us a four or five hour stretch at night. What a blessing! Although there are plenty of nights, when you wake up for your four or five o'clock feeding in which once you have your belly full, you are up for about an hour or so...not fussy, just awake, looking around. It's so cute! I love our late night chats. Baby girl, you don’t like to be put in your car seat, but once you’re in and we're moving, you’re good. You aren’t too fond of bath time yet either, but it's getting better. You are also still nursing well, and have the cutest cheeks! I love holding you, you fit just right in my arms. I love holding your little teeny-tiny hand, and smelling your sweet bald head. You have my exact lips and your daddy's forehead. You are just absolutely stunning and so sweet. I love covering your sweet face in kisses! You are such a little blessing Rowynn Faith!

Finley is still just smitten with you little sister. She can now say, "Sissy," which gets a little confusing, since my little sister, Stacy, whose nickname has always been Sissy, is Aunt Sissy. Finley loves to help out. When you are crying Finley tries to give you a paci, or she'll cover you up, or turn on your swing. Several times a day she marches up to you and holds her hands out, as if saying, "Come 'mere RoRo, let me hold you." I look forward to you two growing up together and I pray that you will find a best friend in each other.

Love you...something fierce,


  1. that seriously just blessed my heart!

  2. Happy one month!!! She is so sweet!!! Reading this makes me want another:O)
    You are the sweetest mama!!!