Thursday, April 11, 2013


A few weeks ago our church at a carnival to raise awareness for a new documentary called, Stuck, which is about the difficulties that arise when adopting internationally; specifically those when children are "stuck" and families struggle to bring their children home.

The carnival had bounce houses, games, clowns that did face painting and made balloon animals, a couple of food trucks (sno-cones and flavored nuts), prizes, and so much more. We all had such a fun time!

The bus where you could purchase movie merchandise and sign the petition.
Finley watching the clown make her flower!

She fell in love with the frog game!


Ro got a froggie balloon!

I couldn't believe Rowynn climbed all the way up by herself and then slid down. She hates doing this! But she did it...of course she sort of tumbled down and cried hysterically...

The Chick-Fil-A Cow was there passing out toys and coupons for free kids meals.

The girls and Kyle getting their sno cones.

Picking their flavors.

My sweet boys!

My goosey girls!


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