Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Learning!

Here are some pictures of "school" time at our home :)
I found this alphabet stamp sheet and it was great for Rowynn to practice letter recognition. She enjoyed hunting for the letter stamps and stamping the letters. She is slowly but surely learning her letters! 

Finley doing some word work. She gets so excited when she sees one of "her words" in a book or on a sign. She loves that she can read and spell words and I love her enthusiasm!

I dug out this activity from the closet; Finley did it a couple of years ago. It was simple to make. I just printed out pictures and Rowynn sorted them on the paper plates. Easy, cheap, and educational....I like it!

Writing her words. I found dry erase boards at the dollar section at Target!

Finley put the words in order after reading one of our Bob books.

She did great sorting her words!

And I leave you with a picture of my sweet cutie!!!

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