Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Father Daughter Dance

At the end of February the girls got gussied up and Kyle took them to a Father Daughter Dance. Except we called it a royal ball because if I called it "dance" they would think they were going to dance class. And since princesses, crowns, and royal balls rule our house, I knew they would love it! We of course bought them crowns and I painted their fingernails and Kyle gave them "formal" invitations. The dance was held at a local church and is a fundraiser for our local police force. The girls had so much fun. They danced, played games, got to have make-up put on them, danced, munched on cookies, won prizes, danced, and danced. They came home with  a lot of fun goodies...prizes, coupons for free kids meals, cups, etc.

My kids are so super blessed with such an amazing Daddy. I love how he loves the kids; how he rushes home each day to see us, how playful he is, and how much he does for his family. So thankful that my girls have a Daddy who would gladly take them to a dance on his day off and make it so fun for them.


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