Saturday, April 13, 2013

Math & Numbers with Finley & Rowynn

Here are some activities that I've done with the girls over the past few weeks. Some of these went into their math journals. Rowynn is working on number identification and counting and Finley is doing kindergarten math. We use Horizons Math & Investigations Math for our curriculum and packets found through friends or online. Most of these activities were found online.
Number Surprise! I bought this packet from TeachersPayTeachers. I wrote several numbers in white crayon and then the girls painted over them with watercolors to reveal the hidden number. A great way to work on number identification with Ro and for Finley I did increments of 10 to practice counting by 10's to 100.

Rowynn practice counting and then finding the correct number.

Working on patterns with Rowynn.

I love these! We use these two sided counters and dot paint to see all the different ways we can make numbers. In this one we are looking at different ways to add numbers to equal 3.

Different ways to make 5.

Finley does this 100% indepently. Crazy!  I love the top right corner of her drawing of 6+1=7. She is getting so good at drawing numbers.
I love how for number 4, she drew four lines.
Rowynn finding numbers and coloring them according to the key at the bottom of the sheet.


I bought this little pack at the Dollar Tree and wrote the numbers on them and let Rowynn put them in order.

The pack also came with bananas and Rowynn practiced counting by giving the monkeys the correct number of bananas to "eat."

I would ask her to find a number and then she would circle it.



  1. This is amazing! How old are your girls again?

  2. Thanks! Finley is 3, she will be 4 in June and Rowynn is 2.5