Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Pictures

I have a lot of half-finished blog posts and videos that need to be uploaded, but for now some random picutes!

I've found this little pattern in our window sill everyday for about three days last week. I think it's so neat that Finley came up with this on her own and made a pattern with her "shapes." These Discovery Toy bath shapes have been a huge hit around our home!

Rowynn is obsessed with containers and putting objects in buckets, baskets, trash cans (much to my dismay) and anything else she can find! She's also learning to hit ryhtmn sticks together and working on her fine moter skills with a shape puzzle.

This leap frog letter toy has been a HUGE hit in our home--thanks Maile ;)

She is the defintion of sassy-ness! Love it!

This was a fun activity. We read the book Chick Chicka Boom Boom and Finley was able to move the letters up our coconut tree.

She loves to check the mail!

She loves playing in her kitchen and talking on the phone...oh my!

Their silly faces!
I love my random, silly, slightly chaotic life :)

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