Thursday, August 18, 2011

Date night

No, sadly Kyle & I didn't get a kid-free night...but we have started taking Finley out on one-on-one "dates."

Kyle & I both have either taken each kiddo out or both at some point to go to the grocery store, post office, doctor's office etc. But we've started making plans for intentional, planned out one-on-one time with sweet Finley. We also plan to take Rowynn out when she gets a bit older. It's so important for each kiddo to have some time with momma or daddy that is special and focuses on them.

I'm so proud and happy that I married a guy who is an amazing daddy and knows the importance he has on his daughters when it comes to their future dating life. Finley just loves her daddy and loves running up to him after she gets dressed and hear him say, "Oh Finley, you look so beautiful!" She just lights up! And when he told her that he was taking her out for ice cream (frozen yogurt) she was ecstatic. And she insisted on wearing two different shoes...

He held her hand and walked her to the car and they headed off while I got in some sweet snuggle time with Rowynn.

They went to a local fro-yo place and she got to pick out anything she wanted. And they sat and talked. He asked her about her day. Told her how proud he was of her and what a good big sister she was. He listened. He didn't surf his phone. He made eye contact. He told her how sweet she was, how helpful, and how much he loved being her dada. He told her he loved her shoe choice. He's showing her how a guy is suppose to treat her. Hopefully she'll come to expect these kind of small gestures and won't settle later on.

After the fro-yo outing he took her to the dollar store where she got to pick out a couple of small items--a small basketball and My Little Pony stickers. Sounds like my girl!!!

So thankful for a sweet hubby who takes time to invest in his girls. And I can't wait to take Finley out on a girls day!

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