Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rowynn Faith is 3!

Our little middle, sweet sunshine....RoRo turned 3 on September 27. Can you believe it?!? How is she three?! How????? Our sweet surprise...I found out I was pregnant with Rowynn a week after Finley turned 7 months. Talk about shocked! I was in disbelief for a while. But now, life just wouldn't be the same. That little girl is so loved! She is my delicate little flower who carries a very tender heart. She is very observant and picks up on moods and tones easily. She is full of joy but only on her terms. She doesn't like crowds and is in her element at home. Although she has come out of her shell a ton, having an outgoing big sister will do that! She is loving Puggles (Awana) and dance class and is becoming more and more fearless, especially at the playground. She adores her baby brother and always refers to him as "Baby." She is a sweet soul who loves bananas and bread, her purple blanket, drawing pictures of princesses, cooking, dancing, and all kinds of animals.

She is so smart and is learning her letters and letter sounds, can spell her name and most of Finley's name, can count to 12, knows the days of the week, how to crack an egg, make a pb&j, make her bed, and loves playing Uno.

For her special day Daddy surprised her (and the rest of us) with donuts. And of course she had chocolate milk.

We also did a birthday interview, the same one I did with Finley when she turned four. Love her sweet answers and little handprint! Perfect birthday keepsake.
In our home one of our birthday traditions is that you (and your siblings) get a balloon and piece of candy from Party City. For around $2 we get a tradition and lots of smiles! Can't beat that.


That night we met our friends, the Sraders at a park for supper. We grabbed Rowynn's favorite, Chick-fil-a and some cupcakes and enjoyed her birthday evening!


Love this sweet girl!
Rowynn Faith I love you so much sweet girl! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating and know that you are adored. You have the best laugh, the sweetest smile, and the most precious snuggles. Happy birthday baby girl!!

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