Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emerson Kyle is 1!

Four days after Rowynn turned 3, our sweet baby boy turned 1. I am not okay with this. At.all. Maybe because he is our last baby and the season of birthing babies is over, maybe because his first year was a blur, or perhaps because he my boy...but whatever it is, I'm not okay with him turning one. It went by too fast. How is he one? How is the season of my life which includes being pregnant and having babies is already over? When you start young (I was 23 when Finley was born) I guess sometimes your family is complete at  a younger age (I was 26 when Emerson was born). It's still tough to deal with. I miss the snuggly newborn stage, not so much the sleep deprivation, but the cuteness, yes.

But I digress...while I'm sad that my baby boy is already 1, I'm also pretty happy with how my family looks. Our family is complete and beautiful. I also kind of love being out of the newborn stage. It's tough and we've been in baby mode for the past several years.

This guy. Emerson. The best baby, hands down. The sweetest guy around. There's definitely something about a Mom and her boy. I just love that little guy. He is a perfect mix of me and Kyle and is all boy. He is curious, loves to explore, and loves to make messes. He is so full of joy, so happy. He is sleeping through the night, with 1-2 naps daily. Usually his morning nap last about 1.5 hours and his afternoon nap 2-2.5 hours. He is eating solids and drinking whole milk. He is pulling up, but not standing or doing much crusing. That's okay. Finley was running at 12 months, but Rowynn didn't walk until around 14-15 months. And honestly, I'm going to miss having a wee one crawl around so I'm in no hurry to see him walk. He can say "Momma," "Dada," "Milk," and sometimes says "FFfff" for Finley and "RoRo." He loves to play with trucks, is usually carrying a music toy, sleeps with his little fox and glo-worm and loves to squeal and scream.


He is a great cuddle bug and loves to come in our bed most mornings to snuggle and crawl around. He shakes his leg out when he is frustrated and loves books. He is so sweet, so funny, and so happy. Love him so very much!!!
He got a small cupcake on his birthday. Clearly he didn't care for it.

He also got a small ice cream cone.


Can't believe a year has come and gone so quickly!

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