Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Fun

The girls have loved writing letters to all their friends and each other. Every day they tell my who their cards are for. They make them and stick them in the mail boxes and get a big kick out of it.

 I got this little heart garland kit at Target (love their dollar section) and the girls decorated it and we hung it above their little kitchen in the playroom.

We did "marble painting" the other day. We've done this before and it's always fun. Just put paper in the bottom of a pan or box, squirt some paint in there and drop a few marbles in and let them roll the pan around, spreading the paint to make fun patterns.
After we added some glitter and when the paint was dry we cut hearts out of it.
Heart cookie cutters, paint, and paper. We've done this every year for the past couple of years. I love it, it's super easy and makes beautiful Valentine décor.


 I saw this on Inner Child Fun. Scratch hearts! I had some scratch art paper left over from Finley's birthday party so I just cut them into heart shapes and gave the girls toothpicks and let them scratch designs. Then we taped them to doilies hearts.

Little RoRo has such a good "pencil" grip. She is my fine motor skills star child

I saw this on The Macs blog and knew my girls would love it. I put a hollow heart shape on top of contact paper (sticky side up) and let them put little hearts in the middle and then they sprinkled pink glitter to add some sparkle! We wrote bible verses about love and then put another sheet of contact paper on top. Fun little window décor!

Finley has recently learned the months of the year and that her birthday is on June 5th and that Valentine's Day is on February 14th. She asks me every day two questions. 1. Is today June 5th? 2. Is it Valentine's Day? I've showed her on her calendar when Valentine's Day is and we've counted the days in between. The other day she wanted to write down how many days until the big day. So I wrote 4 and 5 and she wanted to write the rest (I helped on 12). She was so proud of herself and likes crossing off the days.

Our verse about love. I had her find the word "love" and circle it and then we talked about who the "He" was.

I've been teaching Rowynn her numbers and how to count and we did this little entry in her journal the other day. We practiced counting the hearts and then I wrote the numbers and had her circle them. She decided that she would rather color them or mark them out than circle them. Whatever works!

This is another entry. She knows the letter R and on this day I added in F and M. I just wrote them and had her find them. She did great!



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