Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random At Home Learning

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of months. Basically just a mixture of activities we've done that never got blogged about. Simple tot trays, math printables, etc. We try to do a little school everyday. We usually do our daily folder, our poster board from our Raising Rockstar curriculum, an art lesson, Bible story, tot tray, counting practice, writing in our journal, and a couple of worksheets. Some days we do more. Some days we do less. Here's just a few things that didn't really fit into a theme or category!!

Sorting fruit by color

Fine motor practice: spooning colored rice into ice trays.

Putting pom poms in ice tray.

Our lesson during Holy Week...thanks pinterest!

Matching to complete the rainbow picture

Tracing letters.

The girls painted the canvas together and then we did some marble painting on another sheet of paper and I cut out a rainbow shape.

Finley made this rainbow...perfect decor for her party!

Found this game here. She rolled the dice and circled whichever number it landed on.

This was also found on the previous math site, thanks Maile! She rolled the dice and colored in however many squares the dice landed on.

Releasing our butterflies

Sorting bears with our friend. I've been super impressed with Rowynn's ability to sort things according to color. She can't say the words, but knows her colors!

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  1. The girls are so cute!!! Great job Mommy teaching them :)