Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Yesterday we celebrated Easter! The girls woke up to some goodies in baskets from Momma & Dada! The princess crowns, necklaces, sunglasses, chocolate bunnies, bubbles, and glow sticks (or glow straws as Fin says) were a huge hit! As was the sticker books and bubble bath. After breakfast we snapped our annual Easter picture outside and then headed to church. What marvelous hope we have because of that empty tomb!

When we got home we had a wonderful meal, prepared by my sweet hubby! Baked chicken with potatoes, corn on the cob, and purple hull peas. For desert we had "Resurrection rolls." I saw the idea on another blog and Finley loved getting to help! She took a marshmallow, which represented Jesus. We talked about how Jesus never did anything wrong, He never messed up, never sinned. Then we dipped it in butter and rolled it in spices (cinnamon and brown sugar) to represent how His body was prepared after death. Then we put Him in the "tomb," which was a crescent roll. Once baked the tomb (rolls) were empty! I drizzled them in chocolate, topped them with cinnamon carmel sprinkles and we served them with ice cream! SO GOOD!!!

We really enjoyed the long weekend and time to spend with our family. Happy Easter!!!

Davis Family
Easter 2012

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