Wednesday, December 1, 2010



...I only vacuum as far as the cord will allow.

...I will wear an apron while I cook. It makes me feel like Susie Homemaker and I imagine I'm preparing a gourmet feast...when in reality I'm usually just opening a can or reading directions off a box.

...I make my bed even if I'm about to get in it. It's so nice to walk into a clean bedroom with a pretty bed after a long day. It gives me the illusion that the rest of my house is clean.

...I feel like I'm 14...Although I'm nearly 25, have been married for almost 5 years, and have two children, I still feel like a kid myself.

....I feel like a total failure as a parent. I worry that my kids are gonna be "those kids." I worry that I'm just getting everything wrong.

...I think about piercing my eyebrow and dying my hair red...or black with purple streaks.

...I think about getting another tattoo.

...I drink tea just because I like heating up water in my pretty blue kettle. I mean I like tea, but sometimes I like the idea of tea more.

...When I check the mail I take my time walking to the mailbox and take a few minutes to breathe slowly and let my mind wander.

...I don't like taking free samples at stores because I feel guilty and think I should buy whatever they're selling.

...I miss riding 4-wheelers, bonfires, and all the charm that comes with living in the country.

...I don't think I could ever live in the country again because I've discovered I'm a city girl.

...I wish I were more patient.

...I dream of becoming a fashion designer, even though I can't draw or sew. That's not important, right?

...I want to learn to sew.

...I wash my feet before I go to bed.

...I think about having 5 or 6 kids...and then my toddler questions that desire.

...Re-read random sections of my favorite books...namely Twilight

...Add milk to my eggs before I scramble them. Not sure why, but my mom and grandma do, so I do.

...Eat my black-eyed peas covered in mayo, even though I'm not crazy about mayo.

...Don't like watching movies at home because I can't change the channel. I also change the radio station mid-song in case there's a song on another station that I'd rather hear.

...Buy stationary in the vain hopes that I'll actually sit down and right notes to people.

...Randomly start cleaning the house, even if we're in the middle of watching a show.

...Turn up the music real loud and get my dance on.

...Stay up really, really, late.

What do you sometimes do??? 



  1. These little facts are great. You are not a failure and your little girls are precious and will never be "those kids". I can't believe you are so young and I totally understand the whole making the bed thing. Drives my husband crazy, but it just feels good to have a made bed.
    Would ya'll like to come play tomorrow or Friday? Call me if you want to 469-964-2752

  2. love it!!!! you are so sweet and cool and fun. And you are still a kid :O) Compared to me,lol!!!
    I love the idea of tea more too, and have to have my bed made before I go to bed :O)