Friday, December 3, 2010

So Helpful!

So I've said it many times before, but Finley really is a big help around the house. It's so funny watching her imitate the things I do. It's crazy the stuff she picks up on when I'm not watching. Like, she pretends to put on make-up, she knows the correct drawer for the utensils, knows where the Tupperware goes, can throw things away in the trashcan when asked, likes to clean with a baby wipe around the house (thanks Sarah D. for that idea), can talk on the phone, knows that keys unlock a door, likes to feed her baby, will grab a hanger and a shirt and try to hang it up, knows where I keep my soap for the dishwasher and trys to fill it up (yikes!), likes to grab the paper out of the printer (she'll even wait until it's done printing), and many, many, many, other things that I didn't really "teach" her.

For example:

But that's the thing, kids are ALWAYS watching. They notice the everyday stuff you do. They notice the good, the bad and the ugly. It's pretty frighting knowing I've got this little person that I'm shaping, watching my every move, listening (sometimes) to my every word. She's like a sponge soaking it all in.

Dear God, help me reflect Your love. Let me be a vessel that You use to teach my children about Your grace and forgiveness. Help me treat their dad with kindness and respect. Help us model the kind of marriage that rests upon Your Holy word. Let them see what true love looks like. I pray that I would reach out to others and serve people with a cheerful disposition. I pray that I would show them what a true friend is. Let me demonstrate grace so that they can lean into Your grace. Let them see me turn to you in everything. Let me show them that You are the ONLY way, the truth, the life. Lord, help me not to mess it up. And when I do mess it up, let them see me turn to You. Thank You Jesus for entrusting me with these two precious souls to raise.

In Jesus Name,


On a lighter note...

   We recently put up our tree, which kinda made me break out in hives slightly nervous. I just knew all our pretty ornaments would be destroyed by a certain toddler. We told her that she was allowed to touch any ornament she wished, as long as she did so with only one finger. She's done pretty good, there's only been a hundred or so  few times where she has yanked an ornament and ran gleefully through the house. But over the past couple of days, she's gotten a lot better.

Well I thought she had. And then the other night I pulled back our dining room curtains and found this:

At least she's organized in her destruction...

Gotta love that spunky kiddo!!!!

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