Friday, September 20, 2013


Kyle took the first week of September off and we had a family staycation. We had just gotten back from spending 4 days in Louisiana so it was nice to have some down time. On Tuesday, after Classical Conversations we took the kiddos to Gatti Town for lunch. They were running a special on the all you can eat buffet so win-win! The place was deserted, we were the only ones there at first. About halfway through lunch a couple of other families showed up. We had so much fun. We ate lunch while watching Lady and the Tramp and then played and played and played! The girls giggled and ran all around playing games, bowling, and riding the rides. Emerson loved crawling around and pushing buttons.

After lunch we walked over to Half Priced Books. We are a book-loving family so we all had a ball! At one point we lost Emerson (little fella is a fast crawler) and the girls wanted to read every book in there. We walked away with couple of books...restraint at its finest! We sped home and got the girls ready for dance class. What a busy day!

 On Wednesday we had a full day of homeschooling. And boy, let me tell you, homeschooling with Kyle home to help was much easier! He was able to play with Emerson while I worked with the girls, he cleaned up our messes, and generally helped out. I wish he could be home with us every morning!
Story time with Daddy!
On Thursday I came down with the most awful, horrible, no-good stomach virus. It was not pretty. I hated to be sick during our little staycation but I was so glad Kyle was home. I pretty much stayed in bed all day. It was rough.
By Friday I was feeling much better so we drove to Ft. Worth to drop off Emerson at Grandpa & Grandma Davis' house so we could take the girls to their first ever movie. Planes! They loved it. I think their favorite part was the snacks! After that we spent a couple of hours visiting with Kyle's parents and then left the girls to spend the night with them. Kyle, E, and I headed home and enjoyed a laid back night.

We all so enjoyed Kyle being home with us. We are pretty smitten with him and loved the extra time. It went by too fast!

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