Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013 Armstrong Family Reunion

Labor Day weekend we headed into Louisiana for our annual reunion. This was the 19th year at North Toledo Bend State Park and we had a blast. It is so fun to see my kiddos run and play and enjoy themselves. They had a wonderful time at the "cabinets."

Fun at Mimi & Papaw's house before and after the reunion.
Nothing like a sweet view of the piney woods. I forget how much I miss them...and trees...and the peace and quiet. It's in my blood and calls to my soul. I just love being surrounded by tall trees. When they are thin and strong and sway; their tall branches meeting the sky, it's home, it's my childhood. Crunching on leaves the size of my hand and kicking pine cones. I love the smell of pine and sap. The sounds that are oh so specific to a country night. I absolutely love city living but a part of me will always long for the calm woods. Until it's 8 p.m. and everything is closed and I have to drive an hour to the nearest Target...cause Target calls to my soul too.

Some snapshots of our fun. The girls blowing bubbles, Emerson napping on his Great-Grandma, Rowynn napping in Mimi's arms, skipping and playing in the woods and of course eating yummy food!

This was the first year that the kids got to enjoy the swimming pool. It has rained the past two years. So fun to revisit the pool that I use to enjoy as a child.


We got to the park Friday afternoon and then my Dad came Friday evening after we got off of work...this is the girls running to greet Papaw!

Top picture is of my Grandma and her living siblings. Or the "kids."She is one of 21. As in 21 kids. 21...
Middle picture is of some of the great-grand kids and great-great-grand kids.
The bottom row is some of the grandkids.

Our cabin or "cabinet" in the woods.

We had so much fun with my loud family! Love them so much!

This picture was taken about 45 seconds after we pulled out of my parents' driveway. My babies were wore out!

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