Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 6 & 7

Day 6: God made animals & people
Day 7: God rested in His Heaven!

So many moons ago we learned about the days of creation and I posted all of our fun activities, but with the hustle and bustle of October and all our fun outings, I forgot to post Day 6 & 7. So here it is. We took about two weeks total to do this theme and it was a lot of fun.

Day 6: Animals & People

This was a pretty easy one. We talked about different animals and she had some fun with animal stickers.

We added a picture of the girls and talked about how God made everybody!

I found these animal window cling stickers at the dollar store and the girls had fun putting them on our window. They're still there in fact!

I printed off pictures of differnet animals and people put them in a basket and had Finley sort on two different plates-one for people, one for anmials. Little sister "helped."

For Day 7, we just talked about how God rested. We played in the bed, under the covers. I couldn't really think of a fun Day 7 craft, so that was it!!!

We've also been teaching Finley resposibility and how to take care of things...that's why she has Bob the Beta. She loves to feed Bob, "lunch!"

We also got her a plant that she loves to water! Hopefully we won't kill it!

Anyway, I've got about 10 blogs to post...how'd I get so behind? But I wanted to finish up Days of Creation!!!

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