Monday, October 10, 2011

Apples & More

I love fall and am so happy to have started some fun fall crafts with the kiddos.

We spent a couple of days learning about apples; talking about the color, the shape, the stem, etc. We cut a few open so she could see what it looked like on the inside and so she could dig out the seeds.

I hid apples around the playroom and she skipped around and put them in her basket.

Apple stamping

I saw this on my friends Maile's blog a while back. Finley was doing some major concentrating as she put the noodles in the salt shaker.

Rowynn loves finding shapes and matching them and this cute little basket is perfect for that! She got it for her birthday and loves it! Thanks Taylor family!

We were playing with the Aquadoodle the other day and I gave her some letter sponges and a small bowl of water and we "stamped" letters on the mat and watched them disappear.

RoRo is very much in the 'fill and dump" stage and this was great practice for her. I put several clothespins in a jar and she practiced dumping them out and putting them back in.

I don't know if you can tell in this pic, but Finley has a sponge in her hand and is "washing" her car. My genius friend Maile came up with this brilliant idea!

I set up this fall sensory area in their sand and water table; dried beans, rice, felt owls, felt leaves, silk leaves, and miniature pumpkins.

And I leave you with two pictures of my precious girls...who are growing up way too fast!!!



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