Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Need Is Love!

We had a fun day celebrating Valentine's Day! For the past couple of weeks or so we've been doing all sorts of fun crafts/activities that are all about hearts, pink, red, and love. Finley has had so much fun and loves finding hearts and saying, "hart." We'll probably do more pink/red/heart stuff this week because we are girls and can never have too much pink! Although we are also going to be working more on our "things that go" theme.

Here are some crafts we've made:

This was a modified craft found on another blog(but I can't remember where! oops!)Basically, I let Finley color a sheet of paper with different green crayons and markers and then cut it in to strips for the stems and used the rest for grass and leaves. I then had Finley paint with purple, pink, and red and once it was dry, I cut out heart shapes for our flowers. "My heart is blooming for you!"

These cards were super easy, and best of all super cheap! I got a pack of pretty Valentine-themed paper at Target, (I think I got 16 sheets for a $1). Folded them in half and stuck a felt sticker on the front. Easy as pudding pie. Although I've never made pudding pie...

And on the inside:

This was a cute idea I found here. The yellow is her thumb print!

This was found here. I let Finley put the round dot stickers on and then I added the end pieces!

 I cut out a heart shape on construction paper and put contact paper behind the paper. Then Finley sprinkled heart-shaped confetti on the contact paper and colored around the heart. I added a top sheet of contact paper, and we enjoyed how pretty they looked with the light coming through

We also used the same idea with paper dollies. I cut out the center heart and attached contact paper behind it for cute gift bags! Inside were some heart-shaped crayons to give out to some of her buds :)

We've enjoyed all of our heart crafts! I'll post more later on some other fun things we've done!!!

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