Friday, August 27, 2010

The Davis Clan

Hello! This is my first attempt at braving the big world of blogging. Mostly I wanted to create a blog to share my adventures in mommy-hood and as a way to keep a record for myself. I have a dozen or so empty journals and find myself often forgetting the little stuff that makes my world go round. This way I can keep up with the day-to-day stuff that happens.

Let me introduce the Davis clan to you.

This is me and my amazing husband, Kyle. We were married in March of 2006. He really is a rock star husband and daddy! Kyle is the most calm, patient, sweet, thoughtful, and level-headed person I know. He totally keeps me sane. He is creative to the max--seriously, he can play pretty much any instrument, has a great singing voice, is an author (of an amazing book series, with his own blog), has written poetry, and is a graphic designer. He loves his girls and has taken to the role of "dada" with such ease and finesse! He plays with Finley, never hesitates to change a diaper, is in charge of bath time every night, sings her songs, tickles her...and the list goes on! He is a born and raised Texan and yet I still love him (I'm from Louisiana). Truly blessed with a godly hubby that is my best friend.

Finley Rose...such a sweet spirit. She made us parents in the summer of 2009! Our little drama mama, monkey butt, priss-pot, stinker of a girl keeps us on our toes. She is nearly 15 months old and into EVERYTHING! She enjoys dancing, clapping her hands, pointing to her belly and head, and saying, "yay" when she does something right...or wrong. She also likes playing outside, doing puzzles, reading books over and over and over and over again, making a huge mess while eating, splishy-splashy time, and bedtime. She is so incredibly sweet; she carries around her babies and says, "Awe, bebe." She gives cuddles and kisses freely and insists on camping under the covers several times a day. She loves drinking milk and eating fruit. She thinks that my cell phone is hers and likes to pick out shoes for me to wear. She also brushes her hair and teeth, and thinks momma's make-up is the greatest. She is totally smitten with her dada, and thinks her momma is pretty cool too.

Rowynn Faith will arrive within the next month and we are so excited to meet our precious baby! She is already very active, kicking momma constantly. Notice in the picture her foot lodged up against her chin...yep, that's my silly child!

And finally....ME! My name is Wendy DeLatin Davis and I made my debut in the world during the winter of 1985. I'm originally from a teeny-tiny town in Louisiana. I moved to Texas in the spring of 2006 when I married my sweet hubby. I attended the University of North Texas for a few years to study Early Childhood Education, but soon realized my true calling: being a stay-at-home-mom! I was saved at the age of 13 and was led in the prayer of salvation by a very sweet lady who would become my mom-in-law seven years later. (Alas, another story for another time). I am completely in love with Jesus and am amazed by His blessings and forgiveness. I think my kiddo is the coolest and my hubby the sweetest. I love to read, take millions of pictures of my kid, cook with my hubby, and sing my heart out--quite loudly and off-key. I have recently become obsessed with crossword puzzles, freezer cooking, and coupon clipping.

Stay tuned for more adventures in mommy-hood!

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