Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For the past couple of weeks we've been learning about fall and apples. Considering we've also added a newborn to our family as well we haven't been doing "school" everyday, but we've managed to do some fun activities and squeeze in some learning!
The girls helped me make mini apple pies. Super easy, crescent rolls, cinnamon, apple pie spice, and apple pie filling.

They were super yummy!

I cut out a tree and gathered small apples (actually cherries from one of their games) and let Rowynn practice counting the apples and sorting them by colors. Of course big sister wanted to help!

Finley connected the dots to make an apple.

The life cycle of an apple. She did fantastic with this activity. We read a book about apples and then she was able to put the life cycle in order. She glued them in order and loved it!

Showing me her finished project!

This was a little apple pattern activity. She had to tell me what came next...I can't remember where I got these...maybe Maile?
We read a couple of books about apples. Before we did we talked about what we knew about apples and I wrote it down on our easel. After we read the books we added new information on the other side. Check out that cute little apple Finley drew!
She's been drawing apples all week!

The other night I put this little apple dipping tray together. Apples, caramel, crushed heath bar, coconut, and sprinkles. It was a huge hit with the girls!

We did some apple stamping. To make things a bit more fun I added apple pie spice to the paint. Finley said that she loved the pie paint! So cute :)

Their apple stamping paintings...and they smell super yummy!

Apple trees they painted.
I found these cute foam apples in the dollar section at Target (they came in packs of 10) and wrote letters on them. Punched holes and tied string (actually my awesome hubby did this step) and hung them on our bush. The girls had fun "picking" apples. I had Rowynn pick them according to the letter and Finley according to the letter sound.

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