Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Many Trip

The second weekend in May we made a trip into Louisiana (Many) to watch my little cousin graduate. Jacob was the first cousin my sister & I had on my mom's side, and when he was born we thought he was our real life baby doll. I can remember carrying that sweet blonde haired, blue-eyed baby boy on my hips and just thinking he was the sweetest baby ever. I still can't believe he is now taller than me and headed to college!! I was so proud to watch him walk accross that stage and recieve a scholarship. He is such an amazing young man!

I took a couple of pictures before the ceremony but was busy keeping two toddlers entertained during the graduation to snap any pictures.

While we were in Many, Rowynn Faith got her first haircut by her Mimi.

It was apparantely pure torture.

My parents rented this huge bounce house/water slide combo for the girls...for the whole weekend...just for my 1 & 2 year old...being the only grandchildren, they tend to be a bit spoiled. It isn't much better with Grandma & Grandpa Davis. They're also the only grandchildren and tend to also be spoiled rotten!!!

Later on Saturday night we headed to my Aunt & Uncle's house for a graduation celebration.

My aunt & uncle have three boys so RoRo was in heaven with all the footballs and baseballs!

Finley and her third cousin Dennision. My grandmother has 21 brothers and sisters, so what my children lack in first cousins they make up for in second and third cousins.

Finley took this picture of the family hanging out on the front porch.

The next day was Mother's Day and I was so blessed to hear my childhood preacher give a wonderful message. Kyle treated me to a wonderful hour long spa session at The Felax (this wonderful foot spa) and a sweet card. After a quick lunch we loaded up and made the drive back home. I'm so glad my girls are great travelers considering we make the 5 hour trip every other month..and have for the past three years!

It was a fun weekend and great to spend some time with my sweet family!

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