Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our little Christmas

Thursday morning Kyle, the girls and I celebrated an early Christmas. Since we're always out of town for Christmas we celebrate a few days early--just us four! I think it's important to create traditions and memories with our little family. As of now, (still mulling it over) we don't "do" Santa. And this isn't going to be a post about Santa, goodness knows they're are a lot out there! In fact, here are a couple of interesting ones here and here.

Anyway, back to our Christmas celebration! Wednesday night we let the girls open their stockings. We woke up Thursday morning and we snuggled the girls in our bed and then Kyle read the story of Jesus' birth. After that we opened gifts under the tree, surprised Finley with her dollhouse, and then let the girls have an early present from their Mimi & Papaw--a pretty pink play kitchen (that somehow we got roped into putting together...and by "we" I really mean Kyle). Then I made snowman milk and reindeer pancakes; cute ideas found on pinterest!

I do believe the apples and oranges were the biggest hit!

Although the M&M's were a close second!

Daddy showing the girls the fairy princess puppets!

A purple My Little Pony with an owl...um, perfect for Rowynn!

She said, "Hooray!" when she pulled out her toothbrush!

Using the wands as swords...

Our Christmas morning!
Reading the Christmas story in bed!

Christmas breakfast!

Snowman Milk!
I was so excited to give her her first dollhouse! I've been waiting and  waiting and I'm so glad she loves it so much!

Present from Mimi & Papaw

They love books!

For the past several days she has played non-stop with this thing!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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