Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For the last week or so we've been busy doing farm-themed activities. My friend Maile, has some great ideas on her blog and I've stolen quite a few. I've enjoyed doing the same theme with a fellow mom, we're able to bounce ideas of each other! Finley has loved all the fun activites. She can now identify all of the basic farm animals by name and tell me what sound they make. We've also been doing some planting and learning about seeds. She loves singing "EE-I-EE-I" (Old MacDonald Had A Farm).

Here is Finley doing her farm puzzle.

 I made this file folder game to help her with her numbers. Super easy!

 We're growing pinto and garbanzobeans.

I got this great idea from Maile. I wrote out Fin's name and gave her foam letters for her to match up. She did really well on this activity--great way to make letter-learning meaningful! 

 I found this book of reusable stickers really cheap at a going out of business Borders store. It has everything in it!

We used the stickers to "plant" a vegetable garden.

 Here is our barn! Again thanks Maile! You can check out her blog to learn how to make the adorable pig and the corn. I found the duck craft here. I love that the feathers of the duck are made from tracing Finley's hands!! We plan to make more animals soon!

 Here are some great non-fiction books we checked out at the library.

 And here are some farm-themed books that we've collected. I got a few of these for about $2 at The Christmas Tree Shops---a  fabulous store!

And here is the adorable soft veggie set I got for about $6 at IKEA--I love that store. Notice the $15's also from IKEA! And the pig and duck, or "pig and quack-quack" as Finley calls them. They came from Hallmark. She LOVES these things. She carries them around and hugs them. It's so stinkin' cute. The little horse is a wind-up toy that gallops-very fun!!

We've also got some small plastic farm animals that I picked up in the dollar section at Target. I am having so much fun with this theme. Before this one we did a transportation theme. I didn't take many pics of the
activities-but we enjoyed it a lot. The farm theme however has more activities for Finley. We're using Bible verses about creation, growing plants, learning about veggies and animals and different farm equipment. It's a lot of fun. I'll post more pics as we continue!!!

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